Several Apps for ereading that you should know about

Ereader Apps for owners of iPads and iPhones:

OK, you are the happy owner of one or other of Apple’s wonder devices, but you wish to buy your ebooks from sources other than Apple itself, and be able to read them on your Apple device.   Understandable, as the choice that Apple offer you is of course far from the choice available for other ereading devices.

So, you will have to lurch into the wonderful world of Apps, those small bits of software you can download here and there that increase the capabilities of your prized devices.  Happily they are mostly free, which is a blessing.

This post is aimed at beginners, obviously, any real tech freak will know all about these Apps already, but lots of you will not really understand or know much about these mysterious Apps, so if you aare one of these folk, read on, and I hope end up somewhat better informed than you currently are.

What are Apps exactly?

As I said above, an App , which is short for application, are small programs that are designed to do one thing, and one thing only (generally) and in this context, they are designed to make it possible to read ebooks from other ebook sellers than Apple’s iBook Store.  They are mostly produced by on line ebook stores.  For example, you want to be able to buy an ebook from Barnes and Noble to read on your iPad, so you would go to Barnes and Noble, download their iPad App, install it on your iPad, and voila….. you can from then on buy ebooks from Barnes and Noble, and read them happily on your iPad.  Simple really, and extremely useful too.

I shall talk about a number of such Apps here, and give you the basic info about each of them, and tell you where you can get hold of them as well, so read on…………………………………………….

Please note that all the Apps I shall describe are intended to be used on iPads or iPhones only.

Amazon Kindle App:

This neat little App makes it possible for you to purchase ebooks directly from Amazon’s extremely large and varied ebook store, and then read them on your Apple devices.   Further, it incorporates Amazon’s Whispersync technology, which means that you may start reading your Amazon ebook on one device, and then continue to read it on any other device you might have that can link into this system – such as any other Apple device, or indeed, a Kindle, should you happen to own one of them too.

There are in fact two of these, one for the ipad and the other for the iPhone, so you may need both if you happen to own both devices.

Where can you find them?

iPad App: Kindle App for iPad

iPhone App: Kindle App for iPhone

And where are the ebooks? Kindle Store

Barnes and Noble App:

Once again, here we have two Apps, one for the iPad and one for the iPhone, essentially they both allow you to purchase ebooks from Barnes and Noble and read them on your Apple devices, much as the Kindle ones.   However, these Apps have a couple of interesting extras, namely the ability to highlight text and more interestingly, lend your ebooks to friends, using their “Lend Me” system.   You can read all about this system on their website.

Further, the App comes complete with 10 free current best sellers and a dictionary… not bad when you consider the App is free!

Where do I get this App?

eReader for iPad

Phone version

And the ebooks?

These you get from Barnes and Noble’s ebook store: Barnes & Noble’s Nook

Kobo ereader App:

This one stands out among the others as it offers all manner of fun extras, which is why I have added a video that Kobo have produced to this review…. it explains very well what you get (for free).   Well worth owning I feel.  It also functions perfectly well as an ereader App, so if you wish to buy ebooks from Kobo, this is definitely one for you.

Where to get it: Kobo App for iPhone, or the Kobo App for iPad

OK, so there you have a few useful Apps for your iPad or iPhone…..

Sadly Sony don’t play this game, so if you happen to have a Sony ereader, well, bad luck as far as this goes……  Perhaps one day Sony will wake up and do something about it, but don’t hold your breath.

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