XinXii – A website for authors and readers of ebooks

A newish website where authors can sell their ebooks, and readers can buy them – obviously.

I received an email the other day from Andrea Schober, the CEO of Xin Xii, which is actually a German website, not Chinese as you might think, which offers authors the possibility of uploading and selling their ebooks to the rest of us.

I have had a pretty thorough wander around their website, and frankly it has impressed me.  The amount of detailed information for both authors and readers is more than adequate, and well laid out as well.

Further, it seems that you can upload your work in any one of about 13 different formats, which should cover any possible format you might be using

For authors:

For authors, they explain clearly enough what they offer and how it all works, as follows:

XinXii* is a text platform for any kind of self-written works. The website empowers authors to upload and sell their work online: short works, documents and books (as eBook or audio book).

XinXii overcomes conventional barriers to publishing by empowering everybody to market his work himself online, without contract, in real-time, for free and with complete editorial and copyright control: On XinXii, authors can quickly and easily upload any file – including ePUB, Excel, mp3, PDF, PowerPoint and Word – and sell it in their own XinXii eStore. To date, XinXii has attracted thousands of users who have published more than 10,000 titles.

XinXii was the first Web 2.0 platform of its kind that combines powerful real-time trading tools for self-publisher in the German-speaking area. Today, XinXii is the leading digital text platform in Europe.

By the looks of things, they have managed to create a system that takes just about all the technical problems that most online self-publishing authors are faced with, whether they go the Amazon or Smashwords route.

They don’t appear to charge you anything for placing your work on their site, but make their portion of money by taking a part of the selling price as their commission, so you will only pay them when you actually sell ebooks, which means no upfront investment.

Obviously as I am not attempting to publish my latest masterpiece on line, I have to trust that the claims they make are accurate, so I am hoping that one or more of my readers may well have made use of XinXii and will let us know how it went for them.

If it works as advertised, then it must be a very interesting place to publish your ebook, especially as you are in no way restricted from publishing it elsewhere at the same time.

For readers:

Well, for us, it is simple enough, we plough through the various categories of ebooks they offer, find what we want, and download it as per all other ebook websites, nothing especially new or different here.   From what I could see, the prices seemed very reasonable, ranging from about $1 to about $20.

The range of genres is pretty wide too, and whilst in fact, the number of ebooks they are currently offering in English is relatively small, as I believe they have only recently started offering ebooks in English instead of German, the signs are that in short order the choice will increase satisfactorily.

So, a site to bookmark and return to at regular intervals I would say.


Share with  us:

Have you used this site to publish or buy any ebooks?   If you have, could you let us know what your experiences were like?


3 thoughts on “XinXii – A website for authors and readers of ebooks

  1. Dorte H

    Thank you for this article about XinXii.

    I have published collections of short stories via Smashwords and Xinxii recently, and I´d say you sum up fairly well what Xinxii offers writers. As XinXii´s English platform is still new, I have not made very large sales (yet), but everything has gone very smoothly, and the CEO (Andrea Schober) is helpful and accomodating.

    If you only read and write in English, Smashwords is probably the best platform, but I write in Danish too. And why limit yourself to one platform? For me, a combination of Smashwords and XinXii means extra chances of displaying my books.

    Dorte, Danish writer of crime fiction.

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