Free ebook on growing vegetables – Useful guide to producing loads of green stuff

Everything you need to know to produce superb vegetables yourself:

In this free PDF file which I would convert to a proper ebook format at once with Calibre, you will be treated to a very broad  range of highly practical advice on how to grow vegetables properly.

Not many pages….. But tons of information:

It covers in its 36 pages an amazing amount of detail about the specifics of growing all manner of vegetables, each individual vegetable having its own page, so you may print that page out and have it beside you as you work away in your garden with your trowel in hand if you prefer to work that way, rather than risking getting your trusty ereader all covered in mud and worms.¬† You can do all your planning comfortably in the house with your ereader and then take the paper version out¬† into the mud and slush of the garden………..

It is produced by a rather good website (USA Gardener) that deals with all aspects of gardening, in itself well worth a visit for any serious gardener I would say, as you will find advice on just about any branch of gardening there.

The vegetables it covers are as follows:

Bean, lima (bush)
Bean, snap (bush)
Cucumber, slicing
Cucumber, pickling
Lettuce, head
Lettuce, leaf
Mustard greens
Onion, bulb
Pepper, bell
Potato, sweet
Potato, white
Squash, summer
Squash, winter


Surely enough to satisfy any serious gardener I would think!

Apart from all this specific advice on each of the named veggies, it also has a wealth of advice on more general aspects of planning and looking after your vegetable garden, and absolutely unmissable ebook I¬† would say, and all of this is free……

I have read it carefully, and as a non-gardener (as my wife knows all too well) I have to say I found it fascinating reading, and now know all manner of things about Spinach that I never knew before……¬† If this is a good thing for me, I am not sure, but I am convinced that for any real gardener, this is a small jewel of an ebook.

Here is the link to the ebook:

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If you download this ebook and read it, I would love to hear your impressions of it, equally if you know of any other gardening ebooks that you think other readers would appreciate reading, do share them with us here.

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