M-Edge self designed ereader cover – We design our own Kindle cover. Part 1

We design our own Kindle Cover with M-Edge:

M-Edge, the well known ereader accessory company introduced the self designed ereader cover service a while ago, so I thought it might be fun to give it a try, and settled down to design my own Kindle cover.

M-Edge were kind enough to offer me this chance to try out their self design idea, and best of all, I get one of their superb covers out of it as well.   A nice bunch of people to deal with.

I shall show you how it developed from inception to the finished cover, but first a bit about this service.   The idea is simple, using their website you can select whichever model of ereader you own, and then step by step online you design your own cover…..   Once you are happy with what you have designed, you hit submit, and send it off to M-edge, who then fabricate your cover, and send it to you…. As simple as that.

As my son Jake is a much better graphic designer than I am, I asked him to design the cover for me, so what you will now see is a series of screen shots of how the idea went from a sketch to a finished design, and then in part two, with photos, you will see how the actual cover turned out after the M-Edge people had sent it to us.

OK, here is how it goes………

The first thing he did was to make a sketch of the design he had in mind.   This isnt necessary, but seems to us to be a good idea, rather than simply designing on the fly on their website as it were, so here is the rough sketch of how the design started out.

Then of we went to the relevant page of their website, on opening  this is what you get……A screen on which you choose the model of ereader you wish to create a cover for, in our case it is for a Kindle 3, so we clicked on the link for that model, and were whisked to the next page, where we had to choose between a Kindle 2 or a Kindle 3… So we chose the Kindle 3 reasonably enough, as that is the model we have.



And this produced the actual design screen, on which the form of the Kindle 3 is laid out in a sort of black rectangle, with a number of graphical tools in a menu to the left side of the screen, as you can see.

Working on this screen, you bring all the various elements of your design together, it is remarkably easy and intuitive to use we found, simply select the appropriate tool and get on with it.

As we wanted to use some photos of my Grandchildren and Daughter in Law, we  had to upload these images, which went perfectly smoothly as well.


Next we uploaded a wee bit of graphical stuff that Jake had created in another program, this is what you see in the image above.    Once uploaded, we moved this around the screen until we had found the right place to fix it, also very simple, just select and drag…….

Having placed that text graphic, we  then set about placing the photos we wanted to use.   A bit of cutting and pasting, selecting and dragging, and it was done to our satisfaction….  We now had the design almost as we wanted it to be……


We added a small text section onto the back of the cover and the design was finished, and all that remained was to see what it would look like when done, so M-edge showed us this visualisation before we commit our design to them to print.

A front cover view:

Both front and back view:

We then submitted this design to M-Edge, who came back to us a couple of  days later with a problem.  The text on the back of the cover was too small they felt to work well, and they proposed a small alteration, which we accepted happily enough.  But this does point out that whilst on their website you can make the font size extremely small, in reality this wont work, so avoid very small font sizes I would advise.

Their suggested changes:


All in all it was a very straightforward matter to create the design we wanted using their tools, all went smoothly, you can drag, re-size and rotate all elements to your heart’s desire, upload and place any images you wish, wherever you wish.  They provide all the tools one could reasonably want, without making  it all too complex, so anyone with any degree of graphic ability will be able to create the design they want here.

So, this was our part in the whole process, we then sat back and awaited the  delivery of our beautiful new Kindle ereader cover, which, given that we are in Brisbane, and M-Edge is in the  USA, we were told would take a couple of weeks, so we wait peacefully.

Part two will show the actual Kindle cover:

You will be able to see the result of all this fun in part two of this post.

What does this cost? Well, the cost depends on your ereader, the Kindle 3 for example costs $40 plus postage, the iPad costs $50 plus postage……….  But you end up with a completely unique cover for your ereader, which seems to me to be well worth the money.

Where do you  go to do this? simple, off to:    http://app.medgestore.com/customize/

Link to part two:http://www.ebookanoid.com/2011/04/30/our-self-designed-m-edge-kindle-ereader-cover-part-two/

Link to earlier post on this topic: http://www.ebookanoid.com/2011/01/10/m-edge-introduce-new-idea-for-ereader-covers-myedge-design-your-own-ereader-cover/







3 thoughts on “M-Edge self designed ereader cover – We design our own Kindle cover. Part 1

  1. Chris Collins

    Makes me almost wish I had gone with a Nook or a Kindle or even an iPad. Almost. That said, very cool service. Prices seem reasonable and judging from part 2, they’re doing a good job of bringing designs to reality.

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  3. Tony Post author

    @ Chris.
    I can understand your feelings. We are very happy with the results that M-Edge have produced here. But then, as I have remarked elsewhere, their products are good.


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