Whispersync – What exactly is this? A brief description of what it means

You may have noticed that when people talk about Kindle ereaders, the word Whispersync pops up, and you may have been wondering what on earth it meant.

Well, basically it is Amazon’s version of a Cloud.  OK, so we are no further along now, eh?  So what is a cloud in this context?

It means that all your ebooks are not only stored locally on your ereader, but also kept in a folder on Amazon’s servers which contains all your ebooks, and thanks to the 3G or WiFi connection your Kindle has with Amazon, whenever you open any ebook on your Kindle, the same ebook is sort of opened in your folder on their server, and in exactly the same way as your Kindle keeps track of which page you stopped reading on, the server also knows this.

This means that when you open the same ebook on some other device which you use to read your ebooks, such as a Smart Phone or a computer, or whatever, it quickly contacts the Amazon server and checks in your folder there to see what page you stopped reading the ebook on, and then opens the ebook on that page for you.

This is how it works in practice………    

So, to sum it up, you get up in the morning, open an ebook on your computer, read the first 20 pages, then close the computer down, have a shower and sit down to breakfast, open your Kindle and go to the same ebook you were just reading on your computer, and voila, it opens it on the last page you were reading on your computer.

Once your breakfast is finished, you turn off your kindle and go off to catch the train to work.  Once on the train you open the Kindle App on your smart phone, open the ebook you were just reading over breakfast, and once again, it opens it on the page you last read…

This is what is known as synchronizing across multiple devices, and is one of the more useful results of the internet.

There is more to it than this, but basically this is what it means for most ebook readers and is just one of the many ways in which Amazon have gone to considerable lengths to make our mobile reading a please and highly flexible too.

I hope this is a help.

4 thoughts on “Whispersync – What exactly is this? A brief description of what it means

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    I had been gathering a few ebooks on my PC and I don’t even know how I did it, but my tablet Kindle app asked for my email and then the books showed up on my tablet. I had one problem in that when I opened the book I was reading on the tablet, it was about 4 chapters behind. I have been using the book mark, so am a little puzzled, but I still think it all worked like magic. Don’t judge me, I’m old.

  4. Tony Post author

    @ Barbara, as an almost 70 year old man, I am the last to judge you for being old! It sounds to me as if you have been reading on your PC with your connection to the internet switched off. This will stop the App on your PC contacting the Kindle site and telling it where you were in your ebook when you stopped reading it.
    I think if you make a point of connecting to the internet when you use the App or your kindle, then this probolem should disappear.
    Best wishes, Tony


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