Ereaders and ebooks a good tool for people with Dyslexia? Apparently they are excellent for kids with this problem – and adults

In an excellent post on her blog which is devoted to all things Kindle, Jenna discusses how she has found the Kindle ereader a boon for her dyslexic kid.

I have to confess that whilst I am completely sold on the whole concept of ereaders, and am aware of quite a few advantages they offer over paper books for all sorts of people for all manner of reasons, I had never thought of them as a way of helping people who suffer from  dyslexia.

Jenna, who has a son who suffers from this problem used her imagination and got hold of a Kindle to see if it could help her kid, and lo and behold, it has – in spades apparently.

I shan’t paraphrase what she has so succinctly written in her post on this topic, but suggest you nip along to her blog and read it there for yourself if this is an area that you are interested in.

She has gone further than simply discuss how she has used the Kindle to help her kid enjoy reading, she has also a number of posts on related topics, so I feel this is a blog that anyone who is concerned with the problem of dyslexia should certainly visit and follow.

She also discusses various resources for parents and teachers of young people who for one reason or another are experiencing problems with reading.

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If dyslexia, or any other reading problem concerns you, please do share any thoughts, solutions or ideas you may have on this topic, it is something that, sadly, a lot of people suffer from and we can all use help.

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