Ebook review – Crack by Chris Barraclough,

A very fast paced thriller that goes with a bang from the word go,

I have just finished reading Crack by Chris Barraclough, a young British writer and have to report that I enjoyed every minute of it.

It literally starts with a bang, and then simply keeps going at a very rapid pace right up to the end, with almost no let up in the action, good fun too.

On his page in the Kindle store, this ebook is described in the following terms, which seem to me to give a reasonable description of what it is all about, without giving away the main points of the plot.

Chris Barraclough’s tense thriller is set in the neglected heartland of Broken Britain. An accidental death in a notorious Northern council estate sets in motion a violent uprising, and the innocents caught in the middle must work together to survive.

Crack is a sharp and shocking story that was highly praised by the judges of the Contact Publishing Page Turner Prize, where it was shortlisted for the top prize. It proved strangely prophetic, completed just months before the 2011 UK riots.

The main characters in this story, both good and bad, all lived for me, and obviously had lives outside the book – if you see what I mean.  What is called a “back story” in America I believe.   And as mentioned above, the events in this ebook describe in part, the frightening and mindless violence that took place in Britain a few months after its publication…  I kept having to check the publication date to reassure myself that he hadn’t in fact written this ebook after the riots….  But nope, he has put his finger all too accurately on what seems to me to have been the main cause of those riots.

So, while this ebook has the appearance of a simple thriller, it actually is much more than that, it is an examination of the effects of anomie in society, and the resulting breakdown in public order and values.  Very scary stuff in fact.

Thus not a book about drug dealers as its title had led me to expect.

So if you like books that are written in the style of thrillers, but actually have much deeper ideas in them, then this is the book for you, but be prepared to have to read it in one go if possible, as its pace is so frenetic and the events pile up one on the other so rapidly that you wont want to put it down until you have finished it.

Where to get it?  Kindle store, click here

How much does it cost? $1.50

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4 thoughts on “Ebook review – Crack by Chris Barraclough,

  1. Tony Post author

    Hi Vicki,
    Good to hear from you. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. It is very different to your writing, but I enjoyed it a lot.

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