D Publishing – Dymocks’ announce their entry into the world of self-publishing ebooks and paper books

Dymocks’, Australia’s largest book seller has decided to climb onto the self-publishing bandwagon, and have announced the imminent start up of what they call D Publishing.

D Publishing, because you do it all online, using a set of tools that will be available to authors to design, lay out and generally do whatever is needed to get their books into publishable condition.

It seems that it will all be extremely simple for authors to get their books, either paper or ebook, into saleable condition via these tools, and Dymocks’ are offering the world to all you authors out there.

Their claim is that this will be an “author driven” arrangement, in which everything will be done to enable the author to get his or her book set up, publicized and sold in the manner that best works for the author, without any of the hassles that are associated with the more traditional methods of getting books published.

As Dymocks Chief Executive Officer, Don Grover says:

“We believe that D Publishing has the potential to significantly support and grow the book industry in Australia by providing more opportunities for Australian authors to create, publish, and sell their books,”

So how will it work?

Simple enough, if you have Australia’s next Great Novel, you simply put it into a Word Document, get onto their website (which will apparently come online about the end of this year), sign the rather long and daunting contract – more about this later in this post – upload your document, and then go to work on their website, which, will have all the tools you need to get your book into shape for publication either as an ebook or a paper book.

In their press release announcing the launch of D Publishing, they describe the process quite well, so here is their description of it all:

Create My Book

To create a new book with D Publishing, authors will:

  1. Upload their manuscript to D Publishing (these should come as Microsoft Word documents)
  2. Choose the type and size of book or ebook (or both) they’d like to create
  3. Edit and organise their manuscript using our web-based editing tools and book template
  4. Add their own cover, or use one of D Publishing’s cover designs
  5. Review their new printable, publishable book or ebook

Once an author has created their book, they can choose to either print and/or publish and distribute with D Publishing:

Print My Book

All books created, printed, and published with D Publishing will be printed digitally, on demand, in Australia. Authors will be able to print their books in either monochrome (black & white) or full colour, and can print as many or as few as they like, whenever they want, and have them delivered wherever they specify. Printing “on demand” using very high quality digital methods means authors will not need to commit to large volumes in order to turn their books into professionally printed, bookstore-quality books.

Publish and Distribute My Book

All books published with D Publishing will be assigned an ISBN, barcode, and imprint, and will be registered as officially published works. These books can then be made available broadly for commercial sale if the author chooses to do so.

All books published with D Publishing will be made available for sale via Dymocks.com.au, with orders printed and sent to customers on demand. Broader, and international distribution will also be available to D Publishing authors, while Dymocks and its Franchise Owners will regularly review all books published with D Publishing to select which books they would like to make available in their Dymocks stores.

D Publishing will look after all the logistics of managing customer orders, including printing and distribution, leaving the author to concentrate on marketing their book or writing their next book.

Improve My Book

Shortly after launch, D Publishing will start giving authors access to a network of designers and editors, who will be available to help authors refine and improve their manuscripts. Authors will also soon be able to make pre-published drafts of their books available to Dymocks’ network of passionate Booklovers for direct and private feedback


So, now you know all about it.

And what will you pay for all of this?

Strangely enough they are being very coy about what all of this wonderful stuff is going to cost you.   Dymocks’ is not the cheapest shop in the world, and are not doing this simply out of a love of literature and authors, but, perfectly reasonably for a commercial company, to make money.  In other words, none of the above goodies will be free.

I cant imagine why they are not talking about the various costs, as they have for sure worked all of that out a long time ago, so I see no reason not to let us know that at the same time as they tell us about the whole idea.  Not a good sign in my view.

There are now a lot of self publishing opportunities on line for authors to consider, and I am not sure that this will be one of the ones that will best meet the needs of the authors.

Check other Self- Publishing opportunities first:

I would strongly recommend anyone thinking of going down this route with their books to have a good look around the various other avenues they might pursue, Amazon, Smashwords and so on, and to be extremely careful about any contracts or “agreements” they sign.

Important to read this before signing onto this scheme

There is a rather interesting and alarming post on this website (www.auslit.net) on the subject of the contract that Dymocks’ is requiring you to agree to.   Please visit that site and carefully read what he has to say on the terms of business that Dymocks’ are offering you.

Find out more:

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