An Apple Disciple discovers that e-Ink ereaders are nicer than iPads.

On his blog (Link below)  Shawn Blanc who has a blog  dedicated to all things Mac,   very much to my surprise admits to preferring his Kindle to his iPad for reading ebooks with.

It seems that about three months ago he bought a Kindle Touch ereader in order to be able to make an honest comparison with reading on his beloved iPad, and being a fair minded individual, he took it seriously, and stuck to reading on his Kindle.

To his considerable surprise, he discovered that the Kindle was a real pleasure to use for a number of reasons, specifically he gives the following reasons for his fondness of his Kindle (his words, not mine):-

  • The Kindle’s E-Ink screen is so much better for reading than the iPad’s backlit display.
  • The iPad can not be comfortably held for long periods of time and is nearly impossible to use with one hand. The Kindle blows the iPad out of the water in this regard
  • On vacation, the Kindle makes a great companion if only because it draws less attention than an iPad
  • The iPad’s Kindle app stays in sync with my actual Kindle and makes it easy enough to continue reading on my iPad and vice versa.
  • In the three months I’ve owned the Kindle Touch I have charged it twice: once when I first got it and then again about three weeks later. (Though to be fair, he admits that he doesn’t actually do that much reading).

So, whilst obviously everyone is different, and some prefer back lit LCD screens, and others prefer the non-back lit e-Ink screens, I am amused and pleased that an avowed Apple lover is honest enough to state that he prefers a non-Apple product for an activity he could carry out on an iPad.

To add insult to injury, he goes on to say (confess?) that he now buys all his ebooks from Amazon, and no longer buys any from Apple’s iBook Store!

With thanks to Michael Evans of for the tip about this story. 

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Do you agree with Shawn, is he right to prefer the Kindle to the iPad, or is it really a matter of personal taste, and nothing more than that?

One thought on “An Apple Disciple discovers that e-Ink ereaders are nicer than iPads.

  1. Marissa - Compare Nook and Kindle

    I totally agree! The e-ink display blows the back lit lcd screen out of the water for reading, without a doubt I prefer to read on a kindle over an Ipad. The glare and reflections are really distracting and kind of hurt your eyes at times. The e-ink never hurts my eyes.
    I think people need to really think what they want their new toy for, before buying. The Android tablets are used for more than just reading books, so if you want everything in one device, like surfing the internet, watching movies etc then go for an Ipad. BUT if all you want to do with your device is read books then I would forgo the tablets altogether and just go for a straight up e-reader with e-ink ink like the Amazon Kindle or the Barnes and Nobles Nook.
    And as for the selection of ereader books available – Amazon rocks and has by far the biggest collection around! I’m the Kindle all the way here and I too am a Mac lover and have been pro Mac for years!


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