Ebook review – Windows 7: Battery Optimization for Mobile Devices – A useful small ebook to help preserve battery power

Hugo Ortega has produced another useful small ebook for Metaplume Publishers, this time one that goes into great detail about how to look after the battery in your mobile device when using Windows 7.

Glorying in the subtle title of “Windows 7: Battery Optimization for Mobile Devices” this ebook covers a considerable amount of ground, discussing exactly how the battery in your mobile device works, how it is charged, what parts of Windows 7 actually use this power, and how to economize on this usage.

As Ortega says in his introduction to the ebook:

Battery life is a big deal – without it, a “mobile” device isn’t very mobile and you get stuck seeking out outlet after outlet when you leave the office. How useful is that? To really drive home how important the battery life of a good tablet (or phone or laptop for that matter) is, I’ve written up this supplement to the Tablet series to help you get a bit more out of your device’s battery.

He then goes ahead and fulfills his promise very adequately in my view, covering just about every aspect of battery conservation, power economy and so on in enough detail to enable you to get the best out of the battery in your mobile device (laptops actually).

Among topics he covers are the following:-

  • What Drains Battery Life
  • Automatically Dim Your Display and Turn Brightness Down When Working
  • Unplug Any External Devices
  • Choose the Correct Power Plan
  • Sleep Or Hibernate?
  • Disable Built-In Devices That You Aren’t Using
  • Get In Range
  • Defragment
  • Teach your CPU to save energy
  • Clean Your Device
  • Discard That Aero Theme
  • Kill the Zombies
  • Have Enough RAM
  • Update Your Drivers
  • Keep It Simple
  • Correctly Using Your Battery

Pretty much all you need to get on well with your battery.


Just enough detail to be useful:

All of these topics are discussed in just enough detail to enable any computer user to benefit from the hints and tips he gives us, but this is definitely not an ebook written for computer nerds, but is written for normal, moderately computer literate individuals, and as such, a very useful resource for us all.

After discussing the main topics, he then gives us a number of what he calls “walkthroughs”, which are in fact tutorials, and obviously quite helpful for us to actually make use of the information he has given in the various chapters.


  • Technique 1 – Turning Screen Brightness Down and Setting up Automatic Dimming
  • Technique 2 – Choose the Correct Power Plan
  • Technique 3 – Sleep or Hibernate
  • Technique 4 – Disabling the Wireless Network Adapter
  • Technique 5 – Defragment
  • Technique 6 – Discard That Aero Theme

So, in conclusion:

As with the other ebooks from Metaplume (and this author) that I have seen, this is a short, well written and useful ebook to help us get on better with our mobile devices, and well worth buying I would say. And at the price they are asking, I can see no good reason not to nip along to Amazon and buy yourself a copy.

Where to buy it?  Amazon.

What does it cost?   $2.99

Link to MetaPlume:  http://www.metaplume.com/

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