Flipside – The Philippino Answer To Amazon Adds Speculative Fiction To Their List

Here in the Philippines we are not overly supplied with local publishers of ebooks, but Flipside has made a noble and interesting start in publishing Philippino writers in ebook  format.

They have just announced that they have added the first two of the past volumes of a series of four anthologies of modern Philippino writers called Speculative Fiction to their ebook series and will shortly be adding the last 2 collections to their lists..

These collections of modern writing mostly in the Fantasy and Horror genre have been brought out at intervals since 2005, and have showcased the work of a number of Philippino writers whose work has won international recognition and praise.

As series editor Dean Francis Alfar has said:

“Speculative Fiction opens the trapdoor of the imagination beneath our feet.  As we fall to new worlds, familiar or far-flung, we open our eyes and minds to new ways of seeing and thinking. Throughout human history, the ability to imagine has driven us forward.”

Seems a reasonable statement to me.

These ebooks, plus a number of others, including ebook by Philippino authors such as Lower Myths by Eliza Victoria, Alternative Alamat edited by Paolo Chikiamco, Geek Tragedies by Carljoe Javier, News of the Shaman by Karl De Mesa, and Ghosts of Infinity edited by Lara Saguisag & April Yap can all be obtained at the Amazon Kindle, Apple iTunes, and B&N Nook ebook stores, as well as directly from FlipSide itself.

The prices for the first two Speculative Fiction Anthologies are $0.99 (80 PHP) and the third and fourth volumes will cost $3.99 (195 PHP), so more than affordable I would say.

So, if modern Fantasy and Horror ebooks are your bag, then you should nip along to one or other of those ebook stores and buy yourself a few evenings of enjoyable spine chilling reading, all from a Philippino view point.

Link to Flipsidehttp://www.flipreads.com

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Once you have read and enjoyed these ebooks, and had a good look at the interesting collection of other modern Philippino writing, please do come back and let us know your thoughts on the work of this pioneering Philippino company.

2 thoughts on “Flipside – The Philippino Answer To Amazon Adds Speculative Fiction To Their List

  1. JoeyF

    I was really interested in this Speculative Fiction, and wanted to check it out. I really enjoy new things and love any type of fiction. Going to pick up the first Anthologie and check it out. I also just found this other new medium of fiction a few days ago called “Emotobooks” Short story or serial with some abstract art injected into it. Anything new that involves reading I’m all about. Can’t wait to check out this stuff

  2. Tony Post author

    @ JoeF,
    I am happy that my post has introduced you to something interesting to you. I hope you enjoy it all.


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