XinXii Adds Coupons To Its Authors Support – Give Away Your Ebook To Generate Interest And Sales

The well proven sales technique of giving people coupons so that they can download your ebook for free has been shown to be a very good way of generating interest and ultimately, sales of your ebook.

XinXii a German Digital self publishing house has now added this to their support tools for indie authors.

As Dr. Andrea Schober – Founder and CEO of XinXii puts it in a press release:

“We are extending the possibilities for indie authors and self-publishers with the introduction of coupon codes. From the platform for publishing and marketing your books on your own XinXii author page to free of charge conversion to ePub and mobi format and the distribution to leading international E-Book shops – we do everything possible to constantly improve and simplify self-publishing and to offer an efficient and effective all round solution. The authors are provided with an effective tool to consolidate their individual marketing activities with the distribution of their books on XinXii. Moreover, the new tool helps independent authors to act more professional, and it facilitates their success“.

The idea is that you offer a particular ebook to potential readers for free for a limited time, in the hope that they will read it, enjoy it and tell others about your ebook. Apparently they have created a system for doing this which is extremely simple, requiring no programming knowledge, simply a couple of mouse clicks and it is done.

Loss leaders, an ancient and proven sales technique.

I know the idea of placing your master piece with such ebook distributors is to sell your work, not give it away, but this technique of giving away a few copies like this has been shown over and over again to encourage sales later,and to help bring your ebook to the attention of a greater number of people. This last is a serious problem for any indie author, how to stand out from the huge crowd of self-publishing authors that the growth of the ebook market has generated.

Not the only distributor to offer this service.

As you probably know, the idea of coupons for free ebook downloads is not new, and many other groups in the same field as Xin Xii have offered this possibility for some time. Why? Because it works is why.

A bit of background about Xin Xii.

On Xin Xii everyone can upload self-written texts of all kinds and lengths and sell them on their own author page. In addition, XinXii distributes to leading E-Book shops such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBookstore and Kobo; the authors have the possibility to choose their preferred distribution channels. The high-quality conversion to the necessary ePub and mobi format is done by XinXii free of charge.

In contrast to the traditional E-Book shops, XinXii offers its readers texts out of the mainstream. All titles are available for download immediately after purchase and are readable on nearly all reading devices.

XinXii was the first platform of its kind in the German-speaking world and is leading in Europe. The digital self-publishing and distribution platform is used currently by more than 10.000 indie authors and self-publishers from more than 140 countries. It is used in 7 languages and 3 currencies, the seat of the company is in Berlin.

Worth looking at for all indie authors.

So if you are about to launch yourself into the world of self-publishing, you could do much worse than have a look at what Xin Xii can offer you. They seem to be a good outfit, and one that actually cares about the authors whose works are sold via their network.

Link to Xin Xii.    Xin Xii

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