The Wedge Stand – Big Fat Friendly Stand For Any Mobile Device – Read Your Kindle In Comfort.

There are hundreds of stands designed to make it easy to read or work with ereaders, tablets and so on, but the WedgeStand Cushion is rather different to the generality of such things.

As you can see from the photos, it isn’t a small thing made from plastic, or a fold-up-flat gadget holder, but is a fat and friendly looking cushion-like creature. Something I can well imagine one could actually become rather fond of, in the same way we love our stuffed toys.

Basically what it is, is a preformed soft foam shape, covered in a range of cheerfully coloured velour and leather like fabrics, and that is all. You can’t adjust it, change it in any way, but simply live with it.

It only supports your ereader or tablet at one angle, but does this remarkably well, and is very, very stable too, owing to its broad base and the high lip on the base that ensures your mobile device doesn’t slip out of it.

Obviously it is not intended to be carted around with you, unless you are one of those intrepid souls who seem to cart everything they own around with them (sort of up-market bag ladies), but is meant to occupy a comfy place in your home or office.

Here is how they describe it on their website:

There may be other iPad pillows on the market, but there’s only one that’s this comfortable, versatile, attractive and affordable. The Wedgestand’s unique features make it the best iPad cushion stand you can buy. It’s a lightweight lap pillow made specifically for use with any model iPad as well as tablet pc’s and various e-readers, including the Kindle and Nook lines. The machine contoured foam core is designed to fit comfortably on your lap so that you can read, surf the Net or catch up on your emails without straining or having to hold your device in place. You can relax on the couch, lounge in bed or simply set your Wedgestand iPad cushion on your desk. The gently curved back and upturned lower edge of our iPad pillows will hold your device in place, giving you hands-free enjoyment anywhere. We’ve included thoughtful touches like a choice of fleece, microsuede or faux leather covers in a variety of colors so you can customize the look and feel of your Wedgestand. And you won’t have to worry about taking your device out of its case – the Wedgestand is compatible with most cases and covers. Whether you prefer landscape or portrait mode, our iPad pillows let you truly relax with your tablet or e-reader. Didn’t think your iPad could get any better? With the Wedgestand, you will love your iPad even more!

So, I would say it is a superb thing to have in some fixed place to support your various mobile devices, and to stroke in moments of stress too.

Where to get it: Wedge Stand

Price: depending on which fabric cover you choose, it ranges from $34 to $40

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