Kno Joins Forces With Educational Publishers Wiley To Produce Interactive Text Ebooks.

Kno, publishers of educational ebooks have just announced a deal with John Wiley & Son, a global educational educational publisher to bring out a wide range of higher educational electronic text books.

This deal which will add hundreds of titles to Kno’s already impressive list of digital text books is an important step forward for bringing digital content to students.

Kno already offer more than 200 000 titles for students in the whole K-12 and university level range can now offer students (and their teachers) a whole new series of serious educational ebooks, all enhanced in appropriate ways with videos, audio and so on.

The titles they can now offer as a result of this deal all aimed at university students will cover areas (among others) such as business, engineering, mechanics, organic chemistry, physics and trigonometry (this last I never understood when I was at school!).

As Joe Heider, Wiley’s Senior Vice President, Global Education in their press release states about this new venture,

Our partnership with Kno will enhance the learning experience by allowing students to engage with our academic content in new ways. By offering our learning materials in a wide variety of formats and media and through different purchase and access options, we are able to better meet their diverse educational and budgetary needs and empower them to succeed.”

All these digital ebooks will be available to be read on iPads, Android devices, on the web and Windows 7 computers.

To find out more about this new range of digital text books, nip along to Kno’s website (link below) where all will be revealed unto you in fine detail.

Kno, who first hit the educational market with their famously, but sadly discontinued giant ereaders, are a major player in the digital educational text book world, with a very wide range of such etext books for all students, with a most impressively well thought out variety of built in and sensible interactive features.

Link to Kno:

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4 thoughts on “Kno Joins Forces With Educational Publishers Wiley To Produce Interactive Text Ebooks.

  1. Keri

    Girl : How do I look?

    Boy: tan(c)sin(c)

    Girl: HUH?

    Boy: tan(c)sin(c)=sin(c)cos(c)sin(c)=1cos(c)=sec c

    Learnt trig when I was a kid on ships :)

  2. Keri

    didn’t come out properly due to being unable to input the divisor line. swapped it for ‘over’
    Girl : How do I look?

    Boy: tan(c) over sin(c)

    Girl: HUH?????

    Boy: tan(c) over sin(c)=sin(c) over cos(c) over sin(c)=1 over cos (c)=sec c !!!

  3. Tony Post author

    Dear God…. I shall have to send this to my brother – who does know how to work with Trigonometry.. A joke in Trigonometry, this has to be a first on the internet!

    Once he has worked it out for me, I shall return….. LOL


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