OK, You Have Ordered Your iPhone 5 – Now For A Case for It.

Studio Proper (the Australian company who produce the well known Wallee collection of ereader, tablet and mobile phone accessories) have just announced the launch of their first case for the shiny new iPhone 5.

This ultra-slim and elegant cover for your precious iPhone is amazingly thin and light, so much so that you will hardly even notice you have it on your mobile.


Adding only 3mm to the thickness of your iPhone, most of which is the soft rubberized back to the cover which gives you a comfortable and non-slip grip on your phone this seems to me to be the ideal cover to protect your mobile from the ravages of daily life as you zoom around the city, texting, checking your emails and all the other things one does with a mobile phone these days – perhaps even using it to make phone calls as well, who knows?

Obviously this iPhone cover matches up seamlessly with the range of Wallee mounting systems, which allow you to hang, support and generally work hands free with all your mobile devices, so it seems to me to be a really sensible addition to your mobile life.

Where to get it?  Well right now it is in pre-order phase, so here the link to place your order.  http://www.thewallee.com/

Cost: $40 (Australian Dollars, of course)

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Any thoughts on this integrated system that Studio Proper have developed?

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