Is “App” The New Word For Enhanced Ebooks?

I have noticed a sort of change in the terms used for ebooks lately.   As recently as a year ago, in all the various publicity that I get regularly from publishers of ebooks, they always used the term ebook to describe their literary efforts, but this is no longer always the case.

Literary apartheid?

A sort of separation between straightforward ebooks (novels and similar) and what we used to call “enhanced” ebooks seems to be happening, which can be confusing.  Now, when a publisher or writer sends me details of their latest highly enhanced ebook, they refer to it as an App, especially those who are aiming their work at iPad owners.

In one sense I suppose they are correct in using the term App instead of enhanced ebook, well perhaps two senses, as App is much shorter than enhanced ebook, and in this age of sound bites, abbreviations, Twitting and so on, brevity is a highly valued survival attribute – sadly in my view.

The other sense in which they are correct in using the term App is that an enhanced ebook is actually a sort of interactive computer program, rather than the passive text file that a real ebook consists of.

But, I still don’t like it.

I find it a confusing and imprecise term to use for such enhanced ebooks, since it mixes it up with real Apps, which are all small programs designed to do one thing neatly on our mobile devices (computer owners still talk of software and programs, rather than Apps, but for how much longer?).

Seems to me we should be looking for a concise word that can be used to name enhanced ebooks, as I agree that is a mouth full.  Enbooks perhaps?

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Any suggestions for a better name for enhanced ebooks?  Do let your imagination rip and share them with us all here.. Might be fun, and produce some funny terms as well.

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