Worldreader’s Kindles Bring Solace To Young Girl In Africa

Most of the Posts and videos I have published about the work of Worldreader show happy African kids with their Kindle ereaders, enjoying the pleasures of reading freely and as often as they wish, but this one is different.

It is a young African girl, Linda, whose  mother died and who has found that being able to lose herself  in reading ebooks on her Kindle has helped her to deal with the sadness of her mother’s death.  It also highlights the fact that having access to her Kindle has enabled her to educate herself and given her a realistic hope of becoming a nurse and having the power to help others in a similar situation when she grows up.

The work that Worldreader are doing in several African countries, bringing Kindle ereaders to kids living in poor rural African towns, has opened up such an enormous possibility for these kids who before Worldreader came along with their Kindles had almost no access to any sort of books.  Now they can read from thousands and thousands of ebooks, all for free.

Having this chance that has opened up the world for these kids via their Kindles is a powerful weapon in the fight against rural poverty in such countries – Give kids a chance to become educated and you improve their chances of going on to a better world of work when they grow up, and is thus a serious weapon in our arsenal to fight world poverty.

A simple idea, but such a powerful one.

The work of Worldreader stands out in the world of NGOs working to help the poorer parts of the world in its simplicity and sensible approach to helping.  rather like the idea of giving someone seeds and you help them in a realistic manner as opposed to giving them food.  In the case of Worldreader, they are giving kids both the tools to read with (the Kindles) and also ensuring that there are enough ebooks available, both written by local authors and others to make good use of those Kindles.

The idea is that kids in poor rural African schools are each given their very own Kindle, which are principally to be used in the class room, but as the kids actually own the Kindles, they can read them at home and in their free time, reading ebooks of their own choice.  These ereaders are also having a huge impact on the entire communities of these kids, as parents and siblings also get to use them.

So, please click on the link to the right of your screen (the one about 1000 000 ebooks) and contribute to this extremely worthwhile and realistic project to help fight poverty in Africa.

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Has this video encouraged you to join with Worldreader to bring ebooks and education to these kids?  do let us know your feelings about this video and the work of Worldreader.

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