Infographic: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Nintendo, But Dared Not Ask

Whilst it has nothing to do with ereaders or ebooks (except that one of the Nintendo consoles is a reasonable ereader), when I was sent this infographic showing the entire history of Nintendo, its ups and downs, and a lot of other really rather intriguing stuff, I felt it was something to share with you guys.

It is amazing how much information they have managed to pack into an image measuring 550 x 7424 Pixels, and how easy it is to digest all that information, or at least I found it to be so.   I have learned things I never knew about Nintendo, and frankly had never even thought of, so I rather enjoyed working my way down this very long scroll, and hope that you will also find it interesting.

So, looking like some sort of mad Chinese scroll, here it is in all its glory:

Now you can really dazzle people with your highly detailed knowledge of the Nintendo story, well, at least no end of figures relating to that story.

Intriguing stuff really.

Source: With many thanks to Emily at MBA online :

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Is there anything in the above that sparked of memories of your first video game, or in any other way made you think about the economics of video games and platforms in a different light?

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