A Handy Oversight Of The Main Ereaders Out There Just Now

What are the main ereaders available just now?   Well perhaps this table produced by the good folk at Publishing Trends might help you a wee bit.

They have concentrated on the few better known makers of ereaders and tablets here, ignoring all the European and Asian makers for some reason, so no mention of BeBook,  Bookeen, Hanvon and all of them, so it is obviously aimed at readers in the USA rather than the entire world, but nevertheless it does give a quick view of the main ereaders fromm the main players in this field.

To see the table in all its full sized glory, click on this link, and the PDF file will load on a separate window for you.  Enjoy it, and I hope it is something of a help to you.

Ereader comparison table.

Source:  With thanks to Publishing Tends.

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Was this any help to you, or is it too simplistic to really help?  Do let me know, so I can improve matters when I get myself together enough to produce one myself.

One thought on “A Handy Oversight Of The Main Ereaders Out There Just Now

  1. Frank

    Thank you for your kindness and consideration.As I am not Technically inclined,I do not know if what Ica use is available.I can read a regular lge-print book most days.I can’t find a hands-on place locally to see how a page of lge print displays on an ereader.I doubt a full page would display that’s why I’ thinking larger screen.I think a Tablet might work,but do not want all the”bells+whistles”Would prefer buttons over touch screen.A replaceable/rechargeable battery.I have Fairpoint’s cheapest (not land-line)connection at 29.95 a month,and cannot afford WiFi on top of that.I could “sideload”(correct word?)books from my PC.I have Windows PC.I know I can download program for an ereader to my PC,but that does not appeal.Once books are downloaded to the ereader,could I read books in another room?At the local Hospital?I can guarantee one thing-if a Low-Vision Supply place has them ,they will be sky -high!!I could probably pay adecent price for one,if there were no “exxtras”to buy.Again,Thank You very much.Stay Well Frank


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