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Earlier this year I discussed the Life Phorm  support from the wonderfully named Lethal Protection Company, and said I would write about it again once I had played with one of them.  Well, Lethal Protection have very kindly sent me one of them to look at.

Overcoming my mild worry about possible attack, I opened the box, and there it was, sitting snugly, all its legs/arms neatly folded under its belly.  The reality in no way disappointed me, this gadget is as strange to see in reality as it looks in the photos.  It really does look like some form of weird crab with its pointy tips to its articulated black legs, and the centre is also life like.

The sample they sent me is the plastic version, but it is still very solidly built, and feels strong and firm as you manipulate its legs to try it out.

It comes with a set of instructions as to how to use it for a variety of devices, Smart Phones, Tablets, cameras and so on, curiously though, they do not mention ereaders, but I suppose that as far as the Life Phorm is concerned, an ereader is really just another sort of tablet, and having tried it out with a Kindle and an iPad, I would agree, you mount them in much the same way, and work with them in the same way too… So OK, that makes sense.

Anyhow, I played around with it for a while, trying to get it to stand on one leg, then on two, then on three (this worked fine, on three legs it was completely stable), and so on.   Had fun making it imitate an attacking Praying Mantis and generally enjoyed its rather forceful presence.   This is definitely a device that one says Sir to.  After my initial burst of playing with the thing on its own, I left it for a day or two, just sitting on the table as I was too busy with other things to give it a proper road test.  And I have to say that as a table ornament it was also intriguing.   Various people who saw it lurking there were enchanted and wanted to handle it and know all about it.. Kids particularly loved it, and I can see a very good future for the Life Phorm as a kid’s toy… endless play possibilities with those articulated legs…

As a camera tripod (well Sextopod)

I first tried it out with an old camera we have, and found that for time exposures or cable exposures it is superb as a table tripod for a camera, holding the camera firmly in place and not moving when the shutters open.   In their instructions they have a sketch of it being used with a camera on the side of a tree, so I wondered about that too.. was that really possible?   Yup, as you can see in the photo it is entirely possible, and worked fine.  Its grip on the tree trunk was strong and secure.   So you can obviously use the Life Phorm to hold cameras (and who knows what else) in very odd places.

Thus it is a very versatile camera support, capable of being used in a very wide range of situations, and owing to its ability to hang on to vertical surfaces (given a bit of roughness for the feet to grip) it is likely to be extremely useful for nature photographers I would think.

As Tablet or Ereader support.

I think this is what it was really built for somehow, so I set it up firstly with a Kindle ereader, and tried it in various positions, until I found the one that worked best for me. It held the Kindle firmly enough in place to enable me to hit the page forward button without the whole assembly falling over, and I could adjust the angle of the ereader so that I had the best view of the page.  So a success there.  I then hung an iPad in it, with much the same success….  I could set it at a height that worked for me, and at an angle that avoided reflections on the screen,and which was comfortable to operate the iPad.  I found it tended to wobble a bit when I swiped the screen, as the iPad is a large and heavy old thing, so I would suspect that an iPad is pushing the limits for this device somewhat, but it did work fine in spite of that slight wobble.

So, for an ereader, it works perfectly, for a large tablet, such as an iPad, it has a wobble, but otherwise is fine.

For a Smart Phone.

As I only use my phone as a phone, and use computers and ereaders for all other digital applications, I am not the ideal person to choose to test the Life Phorm with a Smart Phone…  But, nonetheless I attached my trusty SmartPhone to it and set about finding out what was on my phone (I never realised I could do so many things with my phone), made a phone call and wrote a text message.. All was fine, the Life Phorm held my phone in a very firm grip and I could set the angle of the phone to the perfect position for working with it.  So that was successful too.

So, there you have it, a totally unique device that functions exactly as claimed, beautiful in a strange way, solidly built, easy to use and highly versatile.   And as you will have noted, totally universal, able to work with every mobile digital device you might think of.  I didn’t try this, but I am sure it would also work perfectly with a mobile DVD players as well.

Where to get it: or Amazon, Walmart, New Egg, Game Stop, and a number of other outlets.

What does it cost:  well as I mentioned above, there are two versions of the Life Phorm, the one I have tested which is made from strong plastic and metal and costs $69.00.  Then you have the Life Phorm Pro, made of aluminium and carbon fibre and will cost you $149.

Link to my previous post on the Life Phorm: Life Phorm

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