Battery Giving Up In Your Ereader? Here Is The Answer

If you are still using an older model ereader, then in due time its battery will grind to a halt, and that will be the end of your ereader – Except there is now hope for your older ereaders, NewPower99 will happily sell you a replacement battery to breath life back into your trusty elderly ereader, and keep it running for a few more years.

As is well known, most ereader users are not of the tribe who simply have to have the latest model device, but rather tend to happily go on reading their ebooks on whatever ereader they have until in the fullness of time, it ceases to work, and that is when they go out and buy a new one.  So, as it is mostly the death of the internal battery that causes it to stop working, rather than any other problem, being able to replace the defunct battery would seem a good idea.   Well now you can do that.

sony battery

NewPower99 sell a wide range of replacement batteries for all manner of mobile devices, including a wide range of ereaders, and their prices are not so high as to make it a silly decision to replace the battery rather than buy a new ereader.For as little as $25 you can get a replacement battery for your ereader, but as it isn’t actually the intention of the ereader makers that you change its batteries, it is not something that you can do with just a small screw driver, so NewPower99 include a CD with instructions, and the necessary special tools you will need to open up your ereader and install the new battery in it.

To give you a good idea of what they give you, here is the instruction video for changing the battery in a Sony 505 ereader.

See? easy when you know how isn’t it?

They supply these kits for a wide range of Sony, Kindle and Barnes and Noble ereaders, as well as a huge range of other electronic mobile devices (phones, tablets and so on).

I approve of this whole idea, I hate the waste of throwing away perfectly good electronic gadgets each year as the newest model comes out, always struck me as stupid, environmentally  bad and simply a waste of money, so now some of us at least can help matters, thanks to the thoughtfulness of NewPower99.


As you will see from one of the comments below, changing the battery in your ereader is not that simple, and should only be undertaken if you are really experienced with such things.  If in doubt, NewPower99 will do it for you for a relatively small amount of money.   Simply contact them and go from there.

Apart from buying direct from them, you can also buy them from Amazon.


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Would you be happy to replace the battery in your ereader rather than going out and buying the latest ereader?

8 thoughts on “Battery Giving Up In Your Ereader? Here Is The Answer

  1. Richard Adin

    Perfect timing, Tony. My wife has been using my Sony 505 and the battery is dying. We were thinking of getting a new device. Instead, I just ordered the replacement battery from Newpower, and I have bookmarked the site.

    One thing I noticed: For $59.95 I can send them my Sony and they will replace the battery. The price seems to include the battery. I thought about doing that but the video makes it look easy, so I thought I would try it myself. However, it is worth adding to your article that they offer to do the work for a reasonable price for those who are skittish about doing it and damaging their device.

  2. Keri

    Yeah it seems very easy. The only problem I could see would be the ribbon cable as the connection is very delicate. I changed the battery on a Creative Vision M Mp3 player and noticed when I was about to disconnect the ribbon how flimsy it was and that if I had pulled it out by the ribbon instead of the plastic plug I would have separated them.
    On another note, how does a dying battery affect the reader? Is it just a shortened battery life (only a couple of hours reading time) or text fade?

  3. Richard Adin


    The ribbon cable concerns me as well. Worse comes to worse, my attempt will fail and my wife will lose the 505 and have to start using the Sony 950 (I’m using my Nook Tablet). She wants to keep using the 505 because she doesn’t like the touch screen technology. She is a fraid of falling asleep while reading (she reads in bed at night) and finding that she has lost her place in the book because of the touch screen.

    We found that on the 505 the only effect of the dying battery has been a shortened battery life. Everything else works well. I noticed that the battery will not take a full charge no matter how long it is plugged in.

  4. Richard Adin

    WARNING: Don’t try to do the Sony 505 yourself. I did, following the video instructions, and ended up destroying the ribbon connector. It is far from easy. I should have sent the device to these guys and let them do it. So now I need to buy a new device.

  5. Tony Post author

    I am really sorry to hear that Rich, Apart from any other consideration, I know how fond you were of your trusty old 505. I have added a warning to the post about this, as I have no desire to increase Sony’s ereader sales by being the unwitting cause of loads of people destroying their ereaders.


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