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I seem to be writing about ebook sellers a lot just now, so here is another one for all you ebook fans out there.  PhoenixPick is an online ebook publisher who specialises in Science Fiction, both classic and contemporary.  They have a very varied collection of ebooks on offer, and as with many other online ebook stores, they offer them in all major ebook formats, so no matter what ereader you have, you can buy ebooks from them.

PhoenixThe way it works is that on the left of the screen you have a list of all their authors (which encompasses more or less all the greats of Sc-Fi plus some you will never have heard of), once you have found the author you want, you click on his/her name and, you are taken down a long list to his or her ebooks.  There you find the normal thumbnail of the cover and a synopsis, and links to the various versions of the ebook with prices.  By “various versions” I mean, mobi, e-pub or whatever.  Assuming for the sake of argument you own a Kindle, well you click on the “mobi” link, and are promptly taken to the relevant page on Amazon to purchase the ebook you have chosen.  Simple enough.

In passing you will be able to note which ebook seller offers the best prices too, it is surprising the difference in price for the same ebook from one seller to another.

You can of course plump to buy the ebook directly from PhoenixPick, in which case the link takes you to the relevant page on ArcManor (the outfit behind PhoenixPick) where you can also buy the ebook of your choice.

Sadly not all the ebooks are available in all formats, so you may well find the one you want is not available to you.   For example, if you own a Sony ereader, it may be that the ebook you want is only available for Kindles and Nooks, and thus wont easily work on your Sony (unless you are happy to change the formats of course).

By and large all the ebooks they offer are very reasonably priced, from about $1 to about $8 is pretty typical, so PhoenixPick is a source of cheap ebooks.

Free ebook of the month.

They also select one ebook per month to give away for free – a goodie that I have been using now for quite a long time, and really look forward to my monthly free Sci-Fi ebook.

They also have bundles of ebooks you can buy, and series of a particular genre of Sci-Fi, so in fact it is a very lively and active site, and for all readers of Sci-Fi a site worth visiting often I reckon.

Which writers are there?

To give you an idea of what you will find there, here is a list of some of their current authors, which if you bother to plough through it all, you will see pretty well includes every well known name in the field:-

Kevin J. Anderson, Poul Anderson, A. A. Attanasio, J.F. Bone, Leigh Brackett, Marion Zimmer Bradley,Terry Gene Carr,Jack L. Chalker,
Paul Cook, L. Sprague de Camp, David Drake, Michael Flynn, Daniel F. Galouye, Carolyn Ives Gilman, Tom Godwin,

Terence M. Green, Edmond Hamilton, Robert A. Heinlein, Frank Herbert, James P. Hogan, Kij Johnson, Nancy Kress,

Mercedes Lackey, Stephen Leigh, Cody Martin, Larry Niven, Andre Norton, Alexei Panshin……………………………………………

And so on and so on…. it is a very long list, but as you can see from this short extract from it, it includes all the luminaries in the field.

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Have you used their “free book of the month” yet?   Let us know your thoughts on this online ebook seller if you are a Sci-Fi buff eh?

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