Kno Me – Keep track of your studies with Kno Etext books

Kno, a leader in the educational software world, have just announced the launch of their latest efforts to help students study efficiently and to enable them to keep track of how they are doing.

Called Kno Me, this is a software system that keeps track of how long they study using etext books, and how efficiently they are using their study time. It also enables them to see how they are doing in comparison to fellow students by means of a sort of social media section of this software – looks remarkably like Twitter to me.

Kno 01

Kno themselves describe it as follows:-

Kno Me, a personal study dashboard that helps students measure their engagement with each Kno eTextbook they use. Students can check-in frequently to see near real time stats on their study behavior, interaction levels, time management and personal progress. And with Kno Me social sharing, students can opt-in to share their results with peers and even follow the engagement levels of other classmates (perhaps the best student in the class).

I can see how this might be useful to a student, but given that we all study at different paces, need more time or less to absorb things, I am not sure how absolute it might be. I suspect it will be useful more as a form of balancing  study, rather than a form of qualitative measure of work done.

So, here is a video of Kno  in action to give you an idea of what studying with Kno is like.

Anyhow, it works currently with iPads and web browsers, and shortly they will be launching versions to work with Windows 7 and 8.

For more info and prices,

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Having watched the video and seen for yourself what this software can do, do you agree with the good folk at Kno and think that this will be a truly useful tool for students to keep track of their studies?  Or is it simply a distraction from the actual work of stuffing knowledge into their heads in a usable form?  Do share any thoughts you might have on this with us here.

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