Bookrix – Loads of Free Kids Ebooks For Downloading

Here we have another site where authors can place their work for sale, and distribution to other sites (such as Amazon).  Bookrix as this one is called has literally thousands of ebooks that you can download perfectly legally and for free.

It is particularly rich in ebooks for kids, which makes a pleasant change, with a very wide range of free or cheap ebooks for all reading ages from about zero to young adult.   So whilst you can find a large number of ebooks for adults in all genres here, for ebooks aimed at kids this is a really interesting site to visit.

Unlike many websites that have ebooks for kids, this one actually has real ebooks that you can download.  So many of the sites that claim to have ebooks for children actually only have them as PDF files (horrid on ereaders) or “books” that you can not download, but need to read on your computer.. Not exactly handy for bedtime reading I feel.   Bookrix has ebooks in ePub format, so they will work on iPads and any normal ereader (except the Kindle of course).   But as I mentioned, quite a few of the ebooks they offer, can also be bought at Amazon, and in that case will be in the correct format for Kindle ereaders.

As with most such websites, Bookrix offers you a range of search filters, so that you can hunt for the sort of ebook you are looking for, and then offers you thumbnails of the covers.  Annoyingly they do not offer a short synopsis of the ebooks they are showing you, so you have to click on the cover image of any ebook that looks like it might interest you, and then will be taken to a page with all manner of info about that ebook.   And if you like what you see there, then you can buy and download it.   This is a tedious aspect of this site, as it takes time to click onto all the ebooks that might possibly interest you, only to find that they are not what you are looking for, and thus have to return to the original page and start all over again.

It would have been better if they had at least a short synopsis beside the thumb nail of the ebook, or a synopsis that appears if you place the mouse pointer over the thumbnail… Both systems that most other such online ebook stores follow.

However, that small(ish) cavil aside, this is a useful source of free or cheap ebooks for all reader groups, and is also of course of use to authors who wish to publish their work in the form of ebooks, much like Smashwords and quite a few other places on the web.

So, worth a look if you are hunting for reading matter for your children, or yourself too, of course.


Share with us:  Did you find anything you wanted to read on this one?   Do let us know your thoughts on Bookrix, both as a reader and as a writer.. All interesting to hear I reckon.

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