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Whilst ereaders have opened up the world of publishing to us all, so anyone who has written a book can now publish it themselves if no one else is prepared to do so.   This is splendid, but has produced one serious problem for all you writers out there, namely, how to get your earth shakingly brilliant ebook noticed?  Well, Libboo hopes to have the answer to this problem.

There are now hundreds of thousands of ebooks all jostling for our attention, which is bad news both for the writers whose ebooks get buried in the crush, and for us, the readers, in trying to find ebooks that we actually want to read.

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So, how does Libboo hope to solve this problem?

Basically what Libboo are attempting to do is to harness the power of “word of mouth” to deal with the problem of getting information about particular ebooks out there.   Quite simply they are recruiting sales staff by the simple means of giving away one free ebook per seller (known as Buzzers” in the world of Libboo), and the hope is that these Buzzers will then review, praise and generally spread the word about that ebook via Social media and any other internet connections.

If you go to their website, you will be asked to look at a simple comic, and to choose how the story should continue, and on the basis of this amazingly scientific survey you will be offered an ebook as a freebie to get you started as a Buzzer.  This ebook will be in e-Pub, Mobi or PDF – you choose according to what sort of ereader you have.

As a sort of personal touch, when you have registered as a Buzzer and want to download your free ebook, it is created for you in the format you choose, so when you open it, you will find that it has a couple of personal dedications to you, along the lines of “This ebook is for Tony” and such like.  Nice idea.

Libboo themselves describe their plans as follows:-

Libboo is a platform that connects buzzers (readers who love to share and talk about books) with books they’ll enjoy, to create the next digital bestseller and help talented authors get discovered. Buzzers get rewards such as free ebooks, and increase their influence by sharing great writing with their friends and followers via social media, email, and other online channels.

A buzzer is an influencer who is passionate about books. Buzzers enjoy both finding and being the source of awesome content. People go to buzzers for recommendations, and then take action based on the recommendations given. Libboo will harness the power of buzzers and use that power to help talented authors gain visibility and promote their work.

So, when you have read your free ebook, you use the links on the Libboo website to spread the good word via Facebook, Twitter and so on, and the more your buzz, the more credit you get as a Buzzer, which in due time translates into more freebies, mostly other ebooks for you to publicize in due time.  So you get freebies of one sort or another, in exchange for reading the ebooks, and telling the world how wonderful the ebooks are.

How effective this really will be when measured in terms of ebook sales I am not sure, but it certainly can’t do any harm to register yourself as a Buzzer and read away and see how many freebies you can get your hands on (as a registered Buzzer, you have your own dashboard on their site that shows you exactly how your work is progressing).

Publishers and authors service too.

For authors and publishers they offer a publishing service (they have to get those free ebooks from somewhere after all)  which could be interesting to look into.   For this you need to contact them at

So, if you want to read an ebook for free, and are prepared to spread the word about it, then registering yourself as a Buzzer seems to me to be a reasonable idea.  After all, if you hate the ebook they give you, then you simply forget the whole deal and get on with your life without Libboo…

Link to Libboo

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Does this seem a sensible way to go about generating ebook sales?   Or will it remain a matter of a handful of people talking to another handful of people about a couple of ebooks?  what are your thoughts on this?

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