iSound – Viewing Stand And USB Charger In One

Now here we have a gadget with a totally misleading name.  It is called the iSound, which would imply it might be made by Apple, and might even have something to do with sound, but nope to both of those ideas.   It has nothing whatever to do with sound, and assuredly is not made by Apple.

What it actually is, is a rather useful support for things like ereaders or tablets with a couple of USB ports built into it, so you can charge your devices while using them on this thing.


As you can see, it is elegant and simple in concept, and for those of us who enjoy reading their ebooks while eating, it offers a solid and functional support for our ereaders.   And if your ereader allows it, you can charge it while you read.  Most ereaders wont function as you are charging them for some reason, but if you own a smart phone, well it can happily charge that for you each morning as you eat your breakfast with your nose buried deep in your ebook at the same time.

It has two fully powered USB ports, so you can actually charge two devices at the same time, and is designed to support any normal sized ereader and small tablets.

Where to get it?  Well Best Buy sell it online, Best Buy

How much does it cost? $40.  Well actually it is listed at $39.99, so of course it is much cheaper than $40!   I hate this sort of silliness, who do they think they are fooling with this sort of idiocy?

Share with us:  Seem a useful gadget to you?   Let us know what you think of it, should you actually go out and buy one.

2 thoughts on “iSound – Viewing Stand And USB Charger In One

  1. Keri

    With the Sony PRS-T1 you plug in the USB cable. On screen press the home button. Read and charge.
    For reading at the breakfast table I find a sugar-bowl is good enough. So no sale. 😛

    1. Tony Post author

      To be honest, I find the coffee pot more than adequate for the job and it has another useful function as well -Keeping my coffee warm. But, I came across this gadget and felt I should tell people about it, so at least they would be informed, and could then buy one or stick to their sugar bowls


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