Back On Line After The Cyclone Has Passed – Kindle Works, iPad Doesn’t

For the last few days we have had no electricity, telephones or internet as a result of a rather savage tropical storm that has meandered slowly down the east coast of Queensland, sowing death and destruction as it went along.

 kangaroo in floods

So, obviously I was not able to post any exciting stuff about ereaders.

In a disaster zone, ereaders beat tablets hands down!!

However, it did show me that my preference for dedicated ereaders as opposed to Tablets is not totally stupid…  My Kindle carried on happily, day after day, even though I was reading almost constantly as it was not really possible to do anything much else…  My son and his wife who use iPads and similar very quickly found the batteries were flat, and thus their gadgets didn’t work.  So in any sort of a disaster, assuming you have the possibility to read, you are much better off with a real ereader, and not one of those hybrid things….


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