Waterproof Ereader Covers – Good To 5 Meters Down

Is reading in the bath one of your favourite things?  And does owning an ereader stop you doing this with your ebooks at least?  Well, no worries, there is an answer here for you.  A company called Proporta have a huge range of solid and well made waterproof covers in their Beachbuoy Range for just about any mobile digital device you might reasonably consider taking to your bath, or to the beach with you.

ereader in bath

These waterproof envelopes (for want of a better word) are much the same as those wallets we wear around our necks containing our passports and so on when we travel, with the added point of being guaranteed waterproof to a depth of about 5 meters (16 feet to you who do not use the metric system).  Not quite sure why they chose 5 meters as the danger point though.   How many of us have a bath that is 5.10 meters deep?   Though as a fanatical scuba diver, much given to the joys of lying on the sea bed in quite shallow waters gazing at the tiny creatures who inhabit the coral at a few meters down, I can imagine to lie on the sea bed in about 4 meters of water, reading an ebook could be a superbly restful thing to do.

waterproof cover

In any event, Proporta seem to have a model that will safely look after everything from your mobile phone to iPads, and every device in between those two extremes.   And not too expensive either I am happy to say.   Prices start at about $15 and work their way up according to how large the cover is, reasonably enough.

Where to get them?  http://www.proporta.com/search?q=BeachBuoy

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