IPotty – The Ultimate In Silliness, A Potty With Ipad Holder

A few days ago Nate Hoffelder of The Digital Reader an always interesting and serious blog about tablets and ereaders) mentioned a totally insane new product for the family with everything – a potty with a support for an iPad!   And as the finishing touch in idiocy it is called the iPotty.   Hmmmmmmm………………

This wondrous object is literally a perfectly normal kid’s potty, all cheerful colours and so on, but it has a couple of extras that make it into an iPotty.  Specifically it has a custom made support for an iPad, and a removable potty bowl for easy cleaning up after the kid has achieved his or her main purpose in sitting on this potty.


CTA, the proud manufacturers of this handy play centre for your precocious child have this to say about it:-

Parents can give children a comfortable and fun place to learn to use the potty with the child-friendly iPotty from CTA Digital. This potty training seat features a special stand to securely hold the iPad and safely entertain kids while they play with apps. The adjustable stand can be rotated 360° to switch between horizontal and vertical views and also includes a removable touchscreen cover to guard against messy accidents and smudges. Parents will be pleased with how simple it is to keep the iPotty clean and minimize messes, with its removable inner potty bowl, potty seat, and splashguard. A clip-on seat cover can be attached to convert the potty to a child activity seat, so they can safely play apps, read and watch videos on the iPad at any time. The stand can also be adjusted to 3 positions or removed entirely to make extra room and easily store away.  So, take a step ahead in potty training, delight children and make the learning experience easy and fun with CTA Digital’s iPotty for iPad.

All of which is great obviously, I just find myself struggling a bit with the idea of letting an 18 month old kid play with a $600 gadget such as an iPad – letting them cut their Tablet teeth on a cheap Chinese knock-off Tablet is one thing, but an iPad?   Oh well, some folk must have more money that they know what to do with is all I can assume, and then this iPotty is a sensible and realistic option for them to own.

And I can well imagine that it would certainly encourage the very young and non-potty trained offspring to at least sit on the potty, which would be a start.  But as we all know, kids get potty trained when they are ready to be potty trained, so this argument is not very convincing to me at least.    But what the hell, it is a funny idea, and looks like a reasonably usable potty, and as one has to have a potty for ones smaller family members, why not this one?


  • Compatible with iPad (3rd & 4th Generation) and iPad 2
  • For children 18 months and up
  • Supports up to 43 Lbs

 Package includes:

(1) iPotty for iPad

(1) Removable Potty Bowl with Handle

(1) Removable Potty Seat

(1) Attachable Seat Cover

(1) Attachable Splashguard

(1) Adjustable Stand for iPad

(1) Removable Screen Guard Cover

Here is a PDF with everything you need to know about the iPotty http://www.ctadigital.com

Where to get it: 

And the price?  $40

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What is your feeling about letting an 18 month old kid lose with your iPad in this manner?

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