High Tech Kindle Fire Protective cases – Seriously Solid Protection

As we all know, our various ereaders and tablets are delicate flowers in fact, and need to be cosseted and protected from life’s knocks and bumps, so we need covers for them.  Well here is the Drop Tech Series,  really tough ones for the Kindle Fire tablet.

Made by Gumdrop, a company who specialise in making protective cases for a whole range of mobile devices, this one is a most impressively tough looking thing.  And it not only looks tough, but it is tough.

It consists of a very tough flexible cover that protects the sides and back of your Fire and a removable screen shield as well.   Simple, but tough.

They describe its features as follows:-

  • Dual material construction for multiple layers of shock absorption
  • Reinforced rubber bumpers on the corners
  • Includes replaceable integrated screen cover for protection during use
  • Offers shock absorption, drop protection, and extreme ruggedness

And as you can see from the photos it is a serious protection, but also cheerful to look at too, well, the green and blue ones are cheerful.. the black is rather too sombre for my taste, but I suppose if you want to read with your Fire during a funeral that would be useful.

Where to get it:

Amazon sell this cover, and for some reason the green one is only $37.98, and the black and blue ones cost $49.95 even though they are identical in all respects apart from colour.  Odd.

Important note:  This cover fits the Kindle Fire, but NOT the Kindle Fire HD.

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