Kindle Ereader Is OK, But Sony Ereader Is Easier to Use

Just a moan in passing.   Last night I manage to muck up my Kindle in the sense that I exited an ebook I was in the middle of reading somehow, and then was faced with the problem of how to get back to the page I was on when I lost the ebook.   I know, you can use history to get back to the last read page.. but I had managed to much that up as well.   So I had a problem, as the Kindle doesn’t show you what page you are on, but gives it to you in two ways, first as a percentage (shown on the minute bar at the bottom of the screen) or as “position”  which is shown as, for example 453 from 77790.   So I had no choice but to try random position numbers until I found the last page I had read.. Clumsy and annoying.

When I use one or other of the Sony ereaders we have here it is much easier, as the Sony shows you which page you are on and also has a function that allows you to type in the page number you wish to go to, and miraculously you are taken to that page.

This is not only a life saver when you manage to muck things up as I did with my Kindle, but also means one can more easily check marked pages, refer back to previous pages or chapters and such like,  as returning to the last read page is such an easy operation on the Sony.  Altogether a better designed navigation system I find.

Another problem with the Kindle I have found is the way it lists the ebooks in my library.  In the Sony it has a separate folder for ebooks that you have not yet read  which if you read as prolifically as I do is a real boon.  The Kindle on the other hand simply lists all the ebooks in it according to the last one opened, and makes no distinction between read and unread ebooks.   This really infuriates me as I can never remember the names of the ebooks I have read, so I am forced to open all the ebooks near the top of the list until I find one I have not yet read…  With the Sony I simply go to the unread book folder and there they are, all listed and ready for me to read… great system.

For me, the ideal ereader would be a Sony with the whispersync ebook purchasing system of the Kindle..  That would be perfection for me.

3 thoughts on “Kindle Ereader Is OK, But Sony Ereader Is Easier to Use

  1. Keri

    Also the Sony has a ‘fast forward or rewind’ option with one button press and hold, against a press per page with the Kindle 3. Infuriating when you have to back-page a lot to check or reread info on tech books as I do.
    I understand that option was with earlier Kindles but lost with the K3.

  2. Tony Post author

    I agree with you Keri. Fond though I am of ereaders, if you have to keep referring to earlier pagers, or hunt up specific pages or tables in an ebook, then most of them are simply dreadful to use. They are all more or less designed for simply reading from page one to the end, and don’t really make going back and forth in a book all that comfortable or easy.
    Ereaders such as the Ectaco range do deal with this problem, but they cost the earth…..

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