SmartPants For Your Iphone – Decent At Last!

Did you ever feel embarrassed by your iPhone‘s nakedness?   Well if you did, we have the answer to your worries in that area – underpants for your iPhone!   Yup, you read that correctly, a company in Japan (where else?) has launched an entire range of dashing and fashionable underpants specially made and designed to make your iPhone decent at last.

I know this has nothing to do with ereader, except that a lot of people actually do read ebooks on their iPhones believe it or not, but I was so taken with this story that I simply had to share it with you good folk.

"Protect your home button," says this ad for Smart Pants iPhone underwear. (Credit: Bandai)

“Protect your home button,” says this ad for Smart Pants iPhone underwear.
(Credit: Bandai)

These underpants, which are made by the Japanese company Bandai  are called SmartPants, and are so made that they cover up the Home button on your iPhone, which apparently the slightly dazed people at Bandai feel is perhaps a part of your iPhone that needs to be covered up for decency’s sake (should that apostrophe be there?).   I shan’t go down the road of considering the implications of using the Home button when it is properly covered by a pair of these remarkably sexy underpants…  Thongs almost.  But the mind boggles somewhat at this thought, or at least mine does.

These wondrous articles of apparel come in a small but tasteful range of models, specifically: briefs, striped panties, boomerang, leopard-print thong, boxer briefs, bright red thong, strawberry panties, and “secret.”

That last one, the one called “secret” is just that, secret.  what they will look like will only be revealed when you receive them I gather.

The price of these wonderful garments will be 200 Yen (which is about a couple of dollars) so not really too expensive.  a small price to pay for the modesty of your iPhone I feel.

Currently they are in pre-order phase, and I am told already totally sold out, so obviously these undergarments are about to fill a long felt want (All British readers above the age of 30 will remember Morecombe and Wise’s use of that phrase) on the part of Japanese iPhone owners.   The first pairs will be delivered to their lucky owners later  this month (March) and will go on general sale thereafter – assuming they can replenish their stocks that is.

Apparently once they get going, you will be able to buy these underpants from vending machines all over the place….

Not just for iPhones.

Whilst they are being touted to be used with your iPhone, they are actually made of silicone, and thus quite stretchy, so will fit pretty well any other make of smart phone.. so all you Nokia, Samsung and so on owners can also protect your phone’s modesty if you wish.

Link:  In Japanese.

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