Wheel Chair Support For Your iPad – Really Useful Gadget

Here is something that should appeal to all iPad owning folk who are stuck in wheel chairs, The Joy Factory have a purpose built support to hold your iPad on your  wheel chair.

wheel chair ipad02

This simple but well thought out accessory will securely hold your iPad exactly where you want it and can easily be readjusted or simply pushed out of the way when you are through with your iPad.    Further, obviously, it means that your iPad is ready for use but is safe and secure and leaves your hands free for moving your wheel chair around, or indeed simply grabbing that cup of coffee that you need to inspire you to write the next email.

The Joy Factory describe it in the following terms:-

Those who use the tablet for long periods of time can now do so with limited fatigue and with better posture.  Designed from the suggestions of wheelchair users, Charis Wheelchair Mount’s double-armed design adjusts to a wide variety of angles and can fold away when not in use.

Its design is actually very simple and straight forward, but it is in the material they chose to make it from that makes this special, carbon fibre, which is both light and incredibly strong, so you have almost no risk of it breaking should you crash it into a wall in a moment of inattention.

Here is a short video that shows it in action, which speaks volumes about it…………..

The Joy Care Plan

Not only is this a sensible accessory for wheel chair driving people, but they also offer a special deal with it,  which they call The Joy Care Plan… Sounds faintly alarming when you say that out loud, but actually it is a good deal and it is free too.

They describe the benefits of this plan as follows:-

Each Charis mount comes with free access to the Joy Care Plan, a value-added service for our customers with special needs. The Joy Factory offers Care Plan members priority access to customer support, free mount customization, an extended three year warranty, and the chance to offer input into future Charis Mount designs. Registration required. Information on how to register is included with every mount purchase.

Price?  This is the bad news bit, all this will cost you $180 (well they pretend it is actually $179, as the price is actually $179.99  I hate that!!

Main specs:

  • Material: Carbon Fiber
  • Weight: 1.5
  • Length: 6” arm x 1
  • Joints: 1 x large spherical joint at base, 1 locking 360° joint between arms, 1 x spherical joint at tablet connection
  • Connection: MagConnect™
  • Compatible with: the new iPad (3rd Gen.) & iPad2

Where to get it:  Well you can buy it from lots of places, but best is to go here to start with:



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