Beat The System – Own Two Or More Ereaders

I have noticed a new trend lately in ereader ownership – In an attempt to sort of beat the mutual incompatibility of different ereaders and thus different ebooks, more and more people seem to be taking the step of owning more than one ereader.   So what I am beginning to see is that people for example own a Kindle, a Sony and a Nook ereader and when travelling they cart all three of them around with them.   This way they can buy ebooks from pretty well any ebook seller with the assurance that without having to strip DRM, change formats or any such fiddly and annoying time wasters,they can simply read their ebooks on the appropriate ereader.


Whilst at first glance this might seem excessive, expensive and daft, it is actually quite sensible, ereaders after all are small and light enough so that having several of them with you is not really a problem, and it does mean that you can carry a simply absurd quantity of ebooks around with you as well.   And now ereaders are cheap enough for this to be a reasonable option – well if you are reasonably affluent at least.

Of course, a simpler solution to this problem is to own a tablet of one sort or another and install ebook apps from the different ebook sellers on it.. then of course you can read ebooks from Amazon, Sony, Barnes and Noble or any other ebook seller without any trouble.   But not all of us enjoy reading on back lit tablet screens, or want our reading disturbed by all the temptations of a typical tablet…

So, there is a answer to this infuriating problem, but of course a much better answer would be for all ereaders and ebooks to work with a suitable range of universally acceptable formats, much as our computers do with graphic, music and other files.  But his wont happen, too much money is at stake.

What do you think of this solution?  Sensible or plain silly?  Do share your thoughts with us on this one.

2 thoughts on “Beat The System – Own Two Or More Ereaders

  1. Charles

    This is not “beating the system.” This is giving into the system. The companies that make these items are quite happy if you keep on buying their gadgets and not complaining. “Beating” the system is stripping the DRM. Or just giving up and staying away from ebooks until there is some sort of standardization in place.

  2. Tony Post author

    You are of course absolutely correct in what you write here. And the weird bit is that all of them issue free apps that enable you to read their ebooks on devices such as iPads and other tablets or computers, thus negating what they are attempting to do with their ereaders…
    Frankly it is all an ill thought out mess.


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