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I have just come across Arthur’s Bookshelf, a rather neat website that offers us free and legal science fiction downloads.   Unlike most sites that offer us free sci-fi, this one actually has ebooks written by people other than Jules Verne and HG Wells (good though they both are), and has a really wide range of stuff for our reading pleasure.

artbookHe also has a load of those wonderful pulp sci-fi magazines we used to read years ago, Amazing Tales and so on..  Good stuff.

It is really easy to use, simply browse the covers and if you see either an ebook or an author you want, click on the cover and you will be taken to a section of the site with loads more ebooks by the same author, and then you click on the cover of any ebook you want, and you can then download it in either ePub or Mobi format.  So these ebooks will work with any ereader you happen to own.  No problems with the wrong format here.

It couldn’t be easier to use as well, no registration or other fuss and bother required, simply hunt up the ebook you want and download it…. easy eh?

The Double Minds

Not much to say about it, except to point you at it, and let you head on over there to grab yourself some great reading matter.   Have fun!


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