Daily Free Books – Yet Another Site For Free Or Cheap Ebooks

Here is yet another site that will keep you informed about free or very cheap ebooks from Amazon and SmashwordsDailyFreeBooks is a site that lists all the ebooks that are being offered on both of those ebook sellers sites.

This one has a really easy to use system to organise what sort of ebooks you are offered, you can specify if it should show you only ebooks from Amazon, or Smashwords, or from both, show you all ebooks on offer with erotic ones or without erotic ones (Nice touch that), show you ebooks within one or more particular genres and so on.

In the cheap ebook section you can define the price range you are prepared to pay as well, so you can set it for ebooks at $2 or less for example.

Having set up your search criteria, you are then presented with a list of 50 or more ebook covers, each with its attendant synopsis, and when you find one that interests you, click on the cover and off you go to the appropriate page on Amazon or Smashwords, where you can download the ebook of your choice.

It couldn’t be simpler.

To make it even better, you can sign up for their daily email listing all current free ebooks if you wish.  And as with their search set up, you have a number of options with their daily email, only Amazon or Smashwords, or both, what genre, prices, and so it goes.

This site lists several thousand free ebooks every day, and claim to update this list on an hourly basis, though how on earth they do this I can’t imagine.    In any event, I found this one to be a real help if you are hunting for ebook bargains, and given that they list both Amazon and Smashwords, whatever ereader you own you will be able to find plenty of free ebooks for your pleasure…

So, go and have a look at what is currently on offer at Amazon and Smashwords for free or at least very cheap.

Link:  http://www.dailyfreebooks.com

3 thoughts on “Daily Free Books – Yet Another Site For Free Or Cheap Ebooks

  1. Richard Adin

    This is a good site. The only thing I do not like is that on the mail alert you cannot choose to get Smashwords only. The choice is Kindle only or Kindle and Smashwords. I’m waiting to see the first daily alert.

  2. Richard Adin

    Today I received my first e-mail. I have now canceled my subscription. First problem, too many books listed. I received a list of more than 100 books. Second, nearly all were Kindle offers, which I am not interested in.

    I think this is a site that is best checked occasionally.

  3. Tony Post author

    I see what you mean… Today they have the following” 1183 new free eBooks so far today (1176 Amazon / 7 Smashwords) 4783 free eBooks total” only 7 from Smashwords…. So this is basically yet another pimp for Amazon…. Why is this I wonder, when it is about free ebooks it makes no sense.. if they are not free, then it does make sense as the site owner gets his small commission if you buy anything . Smashwords don’t offer us bloggers any money for sending buyers their way,
    However, it is still a useful site for looking for free or cheap ebooks…. so I shall much as Rich, visit it on occasion and select one or two potentially interesting free ebooks for myself…


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