Kno and Sally Ride Science Partner To Show Kids The joys Of Science

Sally Ride Science a science education company that was founded by the USA’s first woman astronaut, Dr, Sally Ride has teamed up with Kno, an educational software company to produce a series of highly interactive ebooks aimed at encouraging kids to go for careers in the sciences.   These ebooks – several of which I have had a good look at – are each dedicated to a particular branch of science, so for example we have “Cool Careers in Space Sciences” or “Cool Careers in Green Chemistry”, and take the form of a series of short interviews,with individual scientists who are working in one or another branch of the sciences covered by the ebook.


Well these are not really interviews, but rather a couple of pages in which the scientist describes in short sections what it is they do, why they love doing it and sort of explain their branch of science.

This is all aimed at elementary and middle school kids, obviously in the hope of setting kids onto the path to taking up science at an early age, so they are couched in a simplistic and cheerful form – Basically a very light touch seems to be the approach.

As I said above, these ebooks are highly interactive and have all the features that Kno have introduced into their approach to school ebooks… ability to highlight, take notes, flash cards, sound and video samples, a version of limited social networking, enabling kids and their teachers to share notes, comments and to communicate what they are doing on line.  More or less every possible form of interactivity has been covered here.  All rather fun really.

These ebooks can be read on almost every platform you can think of, except funnily enough, on an ereader.   You will need an App which is free, for the following platforms:-

Apple, Google, Windows 7, Windows 8, The Web.

So, you can read these ebooks of any Tablet, smart phone, or PC.

And the cost?  They each cost $11.95

Link to buy them:

Link to Kno:

Link to Sally Rides Science:

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