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I have just finished reading a rather gripping and highly enjoyable ebook, a fantasy novel by Jeff Gunzel, called “Land Of Shadows”.  This is the first in what will obviously be a whole series of ebooks around the main characters we meet in this one.  The second volume in this saga has already been published I see, so when you have finished this volume you can go straight on to the next one..  Which I for one shall be doing.

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I shan’t discuss the plot of this tale in any detail, as I do not want to spoil your fun when you read it for yourself.   Suffice it to say that it is all about a very unlikely group of individuals, whose lives have been dedicated to preparing them to meet a particular challenge to the world of this story (Not our earth by the way).

With a good mix of magic, swords, and other hand weapons (no guns here) our heroes and their various enemies and helpers  battle their totally evil and unscrupulous enemies more or less from the start of this ebook to the end.

Starts with a bang.

The ebook begins with a bang, we are thrown right into the action from literally the first page, and apart from a relatively short section near the start, the action continues unabated throughout the entire ebook.   The less exciting section near the beginning is needed to introduce us to the various characters in this story and the world they inhabit, and as such is entirely justified in my view.   Some reviewers of this ebook have complained about this section, but I found it fitted well and anyhow was essential.

And the end is a real example of the art of the cliff hanger.. we are left with a situation that has to be dealt with at once… and so when I turned to the next page and found myself staring at the “You’ve finished.  Before you go…….” I was really annoyed that I didn’t have the next ebook in the series already, and was in a place without any WiFi so I couldn’t order it at once….

He has created a very real world.

Jeff Gunzel has written an ebook here in which the world he has created is entirely believable and true to its own internal logic, and has very little that is familiar from our world in it anywhere, it is a total world he has dreamed up, which I for one appreciated, as it made believing in the whole saga so much easier….

Believable heroes.

And his gang of heroes are also sufficiently complex to be interesting as individuals – Sure they each have their particular skills and abilities, but they also have a reasonable amount of normal human foibles as well, so I found them believable and likable individuals, and actually found myself caring about what might happen to them as the tale unfolded.

And the villains:

These are wonderful, a thoroughly horrible, unscrupulous and vicious collection of nasty, scary and utterly mad creatures – I wonder what sort of nightmares Jeff Gunzel suffers from to be able to dream up such monsters as he has done for this ebook.  In any event, he has created a cast of dangerous villains who will keep this series of ebooks going for quite a few volumes I feel.

A very good read.

So, I really enjoyed reading this ebook, and as I said, I shall be buying the second volume at once to discover what happens to everyone next, so I can recommend it to anyone who enjoys well written fantasy stories – with one proviso, as he says himself, this ebook is aimed at adult readers, and I see why he said that, it is  not because it has steamy sex scenes (it doesn’t) but it is truly written for an adult mind not a child’s.

And it is free!!!!

This is the really good news, this ebook is permanently offered to us for no cost, free, gratis and for nothing (he wants to capture us so that we will buy the following volumes, reasonably enough), and  he has also taken the trouble to place it on enough sites to ensure that whatever ereader we use, we will be able to read his book  on it.   Sensible guy.

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