Lonely Planet Ebooks For $10 – Occasional Offers

At regular intervals, Lonely Planet travel ebooks are offered for $10 each.  These offers normally only last for a few days, so you need to either check out their website at regular intervals, or better yet, register yourself with them, and they will notify you by email of such offers.

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As all seasoned travelers know, Lonely Planet books are among the best travel guides you can get, but the paper versions suffer from two serious faults, they are heavy and bulky to cart around, and for air travelers who have to watch the total weight of their baggage, this can be a problem, particularly if you are visiting a number of countries (back-packers for example) since to cart a collection of paper versions of their guides quickly adds up to both kilos of weight, and an impressive cubic volume as well.  So the ebook versions seem a really sensible idea for world wanderers to have with them.. As many as you want in one small ereader.

Their ebooks come either in PDF format – if you buy them directly from their online shop, or conversely you can get them in Mobi (Kindle) from Amazon, or Nook format from Barnes and Noble‘s online shop.    So if you want to buy them from Lonely Planet’s shop, you really need a tablet of some sort as reading PDF files on most ereaders is a miserable business.

Link: http://shop.lonelyplanet.com/

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Have you traveled using one or more of their ebook travel guides, and if so, did you find it worked as well, better than, or less well than their paper books?

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