A Solid and Sensible Reading Light From Mighty Bright

Mighty Bright, who make an astonishing range of reading lights, illuminated magnifying glasses and other sensible accessories for reading, have come up with a very neat reading light with a built in timer.  Called the Timer Light, this goose neck LED reading light has the possibility to be turned on for 15 , 30, 45 or 60 minutes use, after which it simply turns itself off.

Not only that, but it is really solid as well, feels as if it would work happily for years without breaking off any important parts of itself, which is decidedly not the case with many such reading lights in my experience.


I received my Timer Light the other day, and have been playing with it since then, and I have to say that I am impressed with it.  The light distribution is wide enough to enable me to read a pretty large format book in bed at night, it didn’t suffer from the hot-spot problem that a lot of such lights tend to suffer from, which can be a real problem when using such lights with ereaders.  I wanted to include a photo of the light on my Kindle, but the camera showed a very distracting hotspot on the screen, which  wasn’t visible to the naked eye, but it looks awful in the photo, so I haven’t used that photo, but I assure you that I had no problem with hotspots with the Kindle using this light.  Some trick of the lens I suppose.


As I said, this is a typical goose neck light, with the batteries (3 x AAA batteries which are supplied with the light) in the base (the clip) and the timer controls in the head of the light.   It is extremely easy to use, you simply push the button on the head of the light once for 15 minutes, twice for 30 minutes and so on.  There is a main on-off switch on the base as well.

It has one powerful LED in the head, so it will happily carry on illuminating your pages for ages – they claim a battery endurance of 72 hours, which claim I will have to accept, as I have no intention of spending my time, switching it on again every hour for the next 72 hours!  But as we all know, LEDs are amazingly efficient in their battery usage.

So, apart from being a very solidly made, economical in use and rather good looking device, what is the main thing that makes this one different to other such lights?  Well it is the timer that makes it extra interesting obviously.  If you are like me, and tend to do most of your reading in bed at night, you will know the problem of endless flat batteries as you go off to sleep leaving your reading light switched on.  This happens to me at least twice a week, so I am endlessly having to replace batteries.  But never again will I be able to waste my batteries by drifting off to sleep with the light on.. Now it will no longer matter as my light will simply turn itself off after an hour.  Good eh?

It is fair to say that this reading light is designed more for paper book reading than for ereaders as the clip/battery holder is rather large, and as ereaders only have a narrow frame around the screen, my first reaction was that it wouldn’t grip my ereader well enough to be any use.   But this wasn’t the case.  Whilst it looked as if it was about to fall off the ereader, in fact the clip is strong enough to grip even with only the tip of the clip on the ereader, so it turned out to work fine with my ereaders (I tested it on several different ereaders in the event).


It comes in 4 bright colours, well two bright  ones – blue and pink and black or white


Well this is a well made, strong, attractive and economical clip-on reading light that will give you long service (I am sure) and will obviously save you a small fortune in batteries over time. The light distribution is more than adequate for any size of book you might wish to read using it, and it isn’t too expensive either at about $20a pop.


Energy-efficient LED light with digital
• Timer adjustable to 60 minutes in
15 minute increments
• Red indicators display 15 minute
• Light turns off after designated time
• Constant-on setting
• Bright white, energy-efficient LED
• Durable LED lasts 100,000 hours –
no replacement necessary
• Precisely engineered optical
grade lens spreads light evenly
• Small, stable base, and sturdy clip
• Adjustable neck holds the light
securely in place
• Powered by 3 AAA batteries
• 12.” x 1.5” x 1.75” (Length x Height x Width)

Where to get it:

Currently you have to buy it from Mighty Bright themselves, but soon it should be available at Amazon and other outlets.

Link to Mighty Bright’s online store http://www.mightybright.com/

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Any thoughts on ereader – or indeed paper book reading lights?  Do you have a preference for goose neck ones such as this one, or do you prefer the more compact fixed light head types?

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