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Emily Books, which its owners describe as an Indi(e) Bookstore is a Brooklyn based, but online, ebook shop where you can buy ebooks that you probably would never find in any of the mainstream ebook sellers.   Not because they are lousy ebooks, pornographic or in any other way unacceptable, but simply because they tend to be to a degree radically feminist in their outlook.

logoTrying to bring the personal touch to ebook selling.

Set up in about 2011, these two good women (Emily Gould and Ruth Curry), both of whom have considerable experience of working in the publishing world felt that there had to be a way in which independent ebook sellers could co-exist with the monolithic companies who dominate this field of book selling (Amazon, et.al).

The point of all Indie book sellers is that they have actually read most of the books they sell, and can discuss them intelligently with their customers, and make recommendations to their customers based on their customers expressed tastes in reading matter.  So these two set about setting up an online version of this form of highly personal book selling.  And Emily Books is the result.


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How it works.

Whilst you can buy ebooks from them at any time, sadly not the cheapest in the world, with prices ranging from about $10 to $13 each, the real idea here is that you take out a subscription (annual $159.99 or monthly at $13.99 – I do wish people wouldn’t do this, be honest and say $160 and $14, only idiots are fooled by that $0.99 trick) and then you receive an ebook each month that they have read and enjoyed.

So a sort of “Book of the Month Club” idea, except here you are dealing with people who actually read, enjoy and can discuss their monthly choice of ebook.

Feminist leaning.

As I mentioned above, whilst apparently it was not actually the intention to become a radical feminist ebook store, it seems to have sort of crept up on them, as they find that ebooks written with that particular agenda are sadly under represented in the world of mainstream ebook selling.


On their website they have a blog, where these ebooks can be discussed, and they also promote and take part in various discussion groups, meetings and literary events in and around Brooklyn, so in many ways they really are exactly what they state they are – Indie booksellers.

Wide range of ebooks.

In spite  of the strong leaning towards militant or radical feminism in their selection, the range is nonetheless reasonably wide, encompassing novels, autobiographies and various other literary forms, so choice enough I would say.

Which ereaders?

Simple enough, all their ebooks can be downloaded either in ePub format for all ereaders other than Kindles, or in .mobi, which is the format for all Kindle models.   So regardless of which ereader you have, you can read the ebooks happily on it.


And splendid ladies that they are, all their ebooks are sold without any form of DRM protection, so you can truly read then on absolutely any ereader, and lend them to your friends too….  You actually really do own all the ebooks you buy from Emily Books, which is absolutely not the case when you buy ebooks from Amazon, Kobo, Sony book store or any other online ebook seller – with one or two brave and sensible exceptions.

In conclusion.

So if your reading taste happens to be the rather more radical area of feminist writing, and you prefer to buy your (e)books from people who both love and understand books, then you should at the least check this ebook store out I would suggest.

Link:  http://www.emilybooks.com

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